The brake rotors are measured for minimum thickness; if tolerances are acceptable we machine the rotors. If the rotors are too thin or damaged to machine we will call you and get authorization to install new rotors. We inspect the brake caliper for operation and leakage and replace if necessarry. We clean and lube all brake caliper slides and pivot points, premium brake pads are installed. The wheel is then hand torqued to factory specs. We check the brake fluid level and road test the vehicle to assure a proper repair.


Brake System Flush


Brake fluid is hydroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture. Moisture in the braking system leads to a spongy brake pedal, brake fade and wreaks havoc on tiny Antilock Brake System parts. You should change brake fluid every 24 months or 30,000 miles. We use a vacuum pump to remove the old brake fluid from the master cylinder. We refill the master cylinder with fresh fluid and then vacuum bleed each wheel with the fresh brake fluid.